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Restoring high gloss and maximum optical clarity requires a combination of wet sanding, cutting, and polishing processes designed by the experts of automotive surface refinishing. With this process we are able to remove years of built up UV damange, oxidation, fading, scratching, and other defects.


What is Headlight Restoration?
Headlight Restoration is the process of refinishing the headlight lens to remove oxidation, fading, yellowing, scratching, and other defects to restore optical clarity and a glossy finish.

How much does Headlight Restoration cost?
With Vegas Headlight Restore, we do everything we can to keep pricing affordable. All Headlight Restorations start at $125 and only go up slightly for severe conditions. Market average for this service is anywhere from $100-200.

Can all headlight defects be removed?
Not all headlight defects can be fully removed. There is many factors that go into the current condition of your headlights and no headlight restore specialist can guarentee complete defect removal in every scenario. However, in most cases we can remove 95% or more of your existing damage.

How long does Headlight Restore last?
Our Headlight Restoration process is a permanent removal of your existing damage. In the case of future damage, this would be newly developed defects and not the return of previous defects. We refinsh the surface of your headlights by permanently removing (sanding) microscopic layers of the surface to level down until we are below the previously existing defects.

Do you protect the headlights after restoring?
Yes, we always include installation of our professional grade FEYNLAB Ceramic Ultra Coating to your entire headlight after restoration. This is a unique coating only avaliable to certified and trained installers which we are able to offer through our parent company, Spades Motorsports. This coating is not avaliable to standard detailers or other headlight restoration specialists.

How do I know if my headlights are restorable?
It can be difficult to determine if a headlight is restorable without an inspection from one of our trained Specialists. However, there is a few signs to look out for. If your damage appears to be inside of the headlight enclosure or if the surface is chipping away, your headlights are not restorable and need to be replaced.

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